You Have Bled with Wallace

April 14 - May 11, 2012
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    • jan65 h. the kid and I watched the toughmudder video, that's some sick sh*t 2 years ago
    • Kaitlyn B. Holy Smokes! Way to step outside of your comfort zone!! Way to go, Ollie:) 2 years ago
    • Mindy S. I had a bunch of friends do it last year. The consensus was that it was the hardest yet most rewarding thing they have ever done. Good luck! 2 years ago
    • Trish G. You should try farming.... 2 years ago
    • Oliver R. hearted this 2 years ago
    • Oliver R. Ha! Good point Trish. Weeding can be a fine form of torture. 2 years ago
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    The breaking news is that I've tweaked my quad muscle! ARGH! Maybe not serious, but quite unnerving given that tomorrow is the TOUGH MUDDER. Literally on the last 30 yards of my run. The truth is I WANT to do the Tough Mudder, and being injured is not acceptable. Popping ibuprophen and hoping for best.

    • jan65 h. hearted this 2 years ago
    • Fraidy L. oh no. feel better. 2 years ago
    • Noriko W. hearted this 2 years ago
    • Cari S. Was it today? How did it go? Quads are tricky - so make sure you don't actually OVER stretch them. The key with quads is to strengthen. If you feel they are tight, use the foam roller. Keep us posted... 2 years ago
    • Christine N. hearted this 2 years ago
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